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Where to Study

We work with an extensive network of approved course providers over Asia in following cities/countries. Most are open to the public. 

Available to study in these countries/regions:

Hong Kong, China

(English, 普通话, Cantonese)

Macau, China

(English, 普通话, 广东话)

Singapore, Singapore

(English, 普通话)

Shenzhen, China


Taipei, Taiwan

(English, 普通话)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

(English, 普通话)

Guangzhou, China

(普通话, 广东话)

Sydney, Australia


Bangkok, Thailand

(English, 普通话, แบบไทย)

In order to be able to assure the quality of the APF experience anywhere in the world, APF operates an approval and monitoring scheme for approved course providers. Approved course providers are only approved if they meet – and continue to meet – our quality criteria. 

If you are interested in becoming approved to offer APF programmes, please contact us at

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